Enigma Extensor

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The Extensor model is beautifully handcrafted from Columbus XCR stainless steel, it delivers a totally unique and vibrant ride experience that differs from anything else. Enigma choose XCR tubing above other stainless steel tubes because it is seamless and not welded. Even with tube wall thicknesses down to 0.4mm the XCR tube set still has a higher stiffness to weight ratio than aluminium or titanium. With less compliance than a regular steel frame the Extensor is stiff and very responsive to ensure that every ounce of your effort is transferred to your wheels. In addition the Extensor delivers a very smooth ride quality with a feeling of real connection to the road. Every Extensor is custom built to order here in the East Sussex workshop.

N.B. Price is for frame only. Contact us for custom build prices.