Gazelle Makki Low-Step SE

Due in June, now taking pre-orders -

The Makki Load is Gazelle's fantastic new 2021 family cargo eBike. It has been designed from the ground up with family safety and comfort in mind using input from the very people who love to use this bike as a main form of transport.  

The new shape box is now made of EPP (expanded polypropylene), which makes it light, shock absorbing & more durable. It is high sided for protection but easy for little legs to clamber in via the low step through opening. Forward facing capacity for two on the front bench and fixings for a maxi cosi baby seat or an older child's car seat allow travel options for most family configurations. 

Enviolo stepless manual gears combined with Bosch performance line 3.0 with 65Nm of torque makes light work of transporting heavy loads and as with all Gazelles's, fully equipped with all the practical necessities: lights, mudguards, rack and stand. It even has a storage drawer for all those family odds and ends. The Makki eBike really opens up the opportunity to embrace a much more environmentally friendly transport option. 

Available accessories include a durable cover and rain cover for all weather protection. 

One size fits all!


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