We have partnered with Charlie Holt who runs Bikefit Physio from our store here in Pampisford. As well as being a bikefit expert, Charlie is a Chartered Physiotherapist meaning he has a full understanding of bio-mechanics & the human body. Most bikefit operations are run by cyclists who often understand the bicycle side of fitting but have very little knowledge of the human body and how to remedy niggles/pain/injuries. Charlie brings his experience as a Chartered Physio to offer a one stop shop.

There are 3 different fit services on offer:

Standard postural bikefit - £150 - this option is best for anyone experiencing back, shoulder or knee pain, or tingling hands. Also a great starting point to get your bike set up perfectly for you - click here for full details and to book online

Injury bikefit - £300 - this option is best for those who currently have an injury or who suffer with repeat injuries - includes follow up appointment. Click here for more details and to book online

Foot & pedal bikefit £150 - Similar to the standard bikefit but focussing on the foot - pedal - cleat interface. Click here for more details and to book

Our clinics are held most Saturdays by appointment only, and we also stock a full range of shoes, pedals, stems and bars of which we are happy to fit.