Forme 2021 FLASH E

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The road category has been the latest adapter to the electric generation for 2 primary reasons. Firstly, the initial technology released within this category was either too heavy or unbalanced and secondly because of the “cheating” stigma!

If you are not competing, then you likely choose to ride a road bike to explore the great outdoors, improve your health and socialise. Why not achieve all of this in greater proportion, as a faster you?

The Fazua Evation system is one of the quietest, lightest and most compact systems on the market. The combined weight of motor, battery and gearbox is only 4.6kg distributed across the lower, central area of the bike with perfect integration into the frame. Designed to re-write the look and feel of a high performance electric road bike, the extra power and speed required from the electric system is only really tapped into when you require it and doesn’t result in any compromise when riding on the flat or in a group above 15mph.

The 4 power levels offer up to 400W of assistance, combined with 2 chain rings for a wider gear range, giving you the turbo boost you are looking for on the climbs. Once over the top of the climb and on the descent or sprinting accelerating over 15mph the drive unit and freewheel disengage seamlessly maintaining the comfort, steering and confidence expected from a carbon, endurance road bike.

The handling is further supported with a lower centre of gravity, optimal frame stack and reach, clearance for tyres up to 30mm and 12mm thru axles front and rear for fast responsivity.